Wednesday 12th September 2018

Helena Hines Autumn 2018

Sanding down gesso layers –  a perfect excuse to stay outdoors.


It’s been busy and enjoyable here at the studio, preparing projects for classes.   My hope is to make a rewarding and enjoyable journey from the challenge to look with ALL our attention.

There is NOTHING like working from a live model to improve sensitivity in drawing! So we’ll have guest sitters some weeks.

Other artists’ drawings too, will lend ideas for new ways of working.

This term is dual crafted for both returning and new students.  The first half of term is built round a handpicked series of exercises useful at all levels, and kind for complete beginners.  We work through the building blocks of art.  Persevering through these without being judgemental or harsh on ourselves, helps absorb the different ways of thinking – or NOT thinking! – needed to make art.

If you are intermediate or experienced, you will find new material & technique combinations provided alongside these exercises.  I’ll show you how to feed your gains back into your own preferred projects.

Believe me, it makes no difference if you are a beginner or experienced, we always feel a sense of challenge if we want to make fresh, truly honest work.  As we proceed, I’ll encourage you with new tasks, to explore the specific connections between your own drawings and paintings.  15 minutes live drawing whatever the subject, will spin its energy into your chosen art projects.  So use the drawing tasks to become more fluent and refresh your own artwork with the discoveries you will make.


If you can, gather 12 portraits (ie mostly head) photos of people torn from magazines or newspapers. Bring them at the start of term. Charcoal, pencil, pastel and papers will be our core materials.  What is already in your art bag?!  An interesting range is available in our small but perfectly formed shop.

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